Trailer stability control

The trailer stability control system ensures superior stability and safety when towing - and keeps your BMW and trailer steadily on course.

With increasing speed, trailers tend to swing from side to side, and may even swing out of control. This is especially the case for heavier trailer loads or if the weight of the trailer load is not distributed evenly: even at relatively low speeds, a swaying motion can arise. This can destabilise both the trailer and the towing vehicle unless a stabilising measure quickly intervenes.
The trailer stability control system integrated in DSC recognizes the early signs of this dangerous swinging motion. It activates the brakes immediately to slow the trailer down and return stability.
It discerns this danger by constantly monitoring the rotation movement of the vehicle using special sensors.
If these values exceed the safe limit, trailer stability control activates the brakes on all four wheels via the DS hydraulics. Simultaneously, the engine output is reduced. The resulting drop in speed brings the trailer back to stability. As soon as stability is restored, the driver is again in full control of the vehicle's speed. If the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system is deactivate, the trailer stability control feature is also deactivated.
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