Stereo Pro Logic7

Excellent sound reproduction is assured by the HiFi Professional System. You can enjoy your favourite music in superb fidelity, thanks to the powerful amplifier, sophisticated equalizer and high-performance speakers. The surround feature lets you simulate a range of different environments, so you can create precisely the audio mood that you want.

The high-quality components of this sound system transform the cabin of your BMW into a concert hall. Specially-developed subwoofers with Carver technology guarantee rich, deep and remarkably lucid bass tones.
The Professional system delivers a greater output, producing crystal-clear sound up to 120 dB at 40 Hz. The influence of driving noise is smoothly compensated by the equalizer, which adjusts the sound according to the vehicle's speed.
The multi-directional speaker system distributes different frequency bands to different speakers, resulting in crisply differentiated and accurate bass, mid-range and treble tones, and a three-dimensional, transparent sound reproduction, with compelling basses and brilliant trebles.
Wherever you're sitting, you'll enjoy realistic, balanced stereo, thanks to the precise alignment of the speakers. The equalizer lets you refine the sound output to suit your personal taste. The HiFi Professional System integrates seamlessly with the BMW Radio devices and meets all regulatory requirements for electromagnetic shielding.
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