Google serviss

Advance knowledge of your destination. The Google™ services in the BMW 6 Series Convertible provide you and your navigation system with the latest information at all times.
Even before you set off, the connected navigation of the BMW 6 Series Convertible eases your journey. Via the Google™ Send-to-Car function of BMW Assist you transfer the route you have previously prepared with Google Maps™ simply and conveniently to your BMW 6 Series Convertible by mouse-click. To make sure you not only reach your destination quickly but also arrive there well-informed, you can display pictures of the destination while the navigation is active, e.g. by the Google™ Panoramio service.

Google™ Local Search (Google Maps™) uses BMW Online to find local information for you, such as the nearest recommended restaurant or hotel. The position and destination of your vehicle are identified automatically and the search results for the surrounding area are displayed with address, phone number and distance. One click is all it takes to transfer the address you select to your navigation system or to establish a speech connection via your mobile phone so that you can make a reservation. The services also keep you up to date when you’re travelling internationally.
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