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Adaptive Headlights with variable light distribution and BMW Selective Beam: BMW lighting systems share the thinking – on winding roads, at high speeds or for oncoming traffic.
A winding road at night: the xenon headlights adapt to the angle of the curve ahead, and the headlight beam of the new BMW 3 Series Touring remains on the road. To calculate the course of the road, sensors detect the cornering angle, yaw and driving speed. Adaptive headlights guarantee optimum vision on dark roads, earlier recognition of the course of the route and possible hazards. Higher speeds require the driver to look farther ahead in order to react in time – the front headlights are therefore raised. In urban traffic, they are lowered automatically and illuminate the road directly in front of the vehicle even more efficiently without any risk of dazzling the oncoming traffic.

BMW Selective Beam from BMW ConnectedDrive regulates the main beam of the headlights for optimum illumination of the route and thus reduces the burden on the driver. When the system is activated, an image sensor on the inside of the front mirror monitors the lighting conditions and the traffic ahead at a distance of up to 400 metres. The assistant uses these sensor images to determine the strength of the high beam and varies it smoothly. Oncoming traffic is registered at a distance of some 1,000 metres. A mechanism in the headlight specifically covers points in the high beam and dynamically aligns it so that any risk of dazzling is ruled out.
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