Dīzeļdegvielu daļiņu filtrs

As early as March 2004, BMW's pioneering work in the field of particulate reductions lead to the introduction of diesel particle filters as standard for the BMW 5 Series. Today the technology is featured in all BMW diesel vehicles. It guarantees consistent fulfilment of the requirements of EU exhaust regulations, without needing additional maintenance or increasing fuel consumption.

The diesel particle filter removes almost all soot particulates from the exhaust, and eliminates them by burning them within the filter. The catalyst layer in the filter means they can regenerate without the need for fuel additives, resulting in better performance than can be achieved with the use of additives.
Additional pressure and temperature sensors in the exhaust channel, a throttle valve in the inlet system and extensive software enhancements in the engine management unit all work together to ensure filter regeneration functions consistently under all driving conditions.
Diesel particulates can thus be continuously eliminated from the engine - and without reducing fuel efficiency. The regulatory requirements laid down in the EU4 exhaust standards are met with ease, and there is no need for the additional maintenance made necessary by filter systems that use fuel additives.
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