Pagriezienu bremžu kontrole (CBC)

For greater safety when braking on curves - Cornering Brake Control stabilises your BMW by applying braking pressure asymmetrically despite physically difficult conditions (e.g. the car swerving towards the inside of the bend when the wheel load changes).

Cornering Brake Control (CBC) reduces the danger of vehicle instability that can arise when the brakes are applied while taking a bend at speed. Without CBC, the load shift caused by braking can reduce traction on the wheels on the side towards the inside of the bend, thereby applying excessive load to the other side. This load imbalance may result in a loss of directional control, causing the vehicle to skid out of the curve.
CBC counteracts this tendency by asymmetrically distributing brake pressure to the left- and right-side brakes or by reducing pressure (to the rear axle), even if the driver brakes outside the normal range of ABS. The result: a significant improvement in stability and safety when applying light brake pressure, even on bends.
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