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Using the glare-free Control Display, you can quickly and easily access all important information while driving.

The Control Display presents a clear, easy-to-read overview of all functions that can be controlled using the iDrive Controller. This includes information from the on-board computer, the settings for the sound system and radio, directions given by the navigation system, current traffic information and the vehicle's current service status.

The transflexive LCD display offers excellent contrast and presents a clear, glare-free image from all angles and in all light conditions. A light sensor measures the brightness in the cabin and adjusts the Control Display automatically to ensure that it remains easily readable, even in direct sunlight, and that it is not excessively bright when the cabin is dark. The main menu is divided clearly into four categories: Communication, Navigation, Entertainment and Climate. Together with the iDrive Controller, its logical structure enables easy, intuitive access to all functions.

The Control Display is available in two sizes: 6.5" or, in connection with the navigation system or television options, 8.8". Its intelligent design ensures you need never be distracted from the pleasure of driving.
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