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Forget the time-wasting process of returning your seat, mirrors and climate control back to your preferred settings after someone else has driven your BMW - car memory/key memory automatically returns key cabin features back to your individual preferences as soon as you use the key to open the door.

Car memory lets you programme a wide range of settings, including the automatic activation of driving lights when the vehicle starts, and the useful parking headlight function, which keeps the driving lights illuminated for 40 seconds after the vehicle is parked to guide you as you walk out of dark parking spaces.
Key memory saves your personal settings on your vehicle key. Every time you use the key to remotely unlock your BMW, it automatically returns vehicle settings to your preferences: the mirrors are at the correct angle, and your electrically adjustable seat is in your preferred position (seat memory function required). If you wish, the automatic climate control system is set to the cabin temperature and air-flow distribution that you last used.
Key memory is programmed for two keys and can be expanded to up to four drivers. Each driver is automatically recognized by his or her key.
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