Melnā paneļa tehnoloģija

The instrument panel and Info Display with Black Panel Technology provide the BMW Driver with a clearly-arranged overview of important information to meet his needs.

On some BMW models (e.g. BMW 7 Series), the instrument panel and Info Display are equipped with Black Panel technology. ‘Black Panel’ means that one only sees an elegant, matte, black surface when the ignition is turned off. Only a few details, like the scale markings on the dials, are still visible. The instruments – only those selected by the driver or relevant to his current needs – appear when the driver presses the start button.

The instrument panel comprises the four classical dials: fuel gauge, speedometer, rev counter and oil temperature gauge. Integrated graphics give extra information about the current fuel consumption and the range.
The wide (6:1) and high-resolution (318 dpi) Info Display shows more driving and safety-related information. This includes Check Control messages (e.g. ‘Bonnet open. Bring the vehicle to a gentle stop!’) or status and warning signs from the Driver Assistance system. The navigation system’s High Guiding and Lane Guiding functions are made possible by Black Panel technology: easily-comprehensible arrows give the driver precise instructions, particularly when dealing with confusing situations like complicated intersections and lane changes at motorway junctions. Many signs consist of a combination of a picture and words. The Service Interval Indicator even depicts the actual BMW model in its respective colour. The buttons on the multifunction steering wheel can be used to display entertainment and communication content like radio stations, addresses or telephone numbers.

The most important driving information will appear in the Head-Up Display, if the vehicle is equipped with one and it is switched on. If the driver deactivates the Head-Up Display the information will appear in the Info Display.
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