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Intelligent technology meets dynamic power: the electronically controlled automatic transmission system enables a sporting, dynamic driving style – without a clutch pedal. It makes driving less demanding and adapts to suit your individual driving style.

Instead of a mechanical connection between the lever and the engine a serial bus system is used to convey information about the change. This saves space and weight and minimises engine noise, as without a mechanical connection vibrations are not felt in the vehicle's interior. Stress factors are minimised and the journey is more comfortable.

The electronic gearshift control ensures that gear changes are executed without any loss of tractive force, adapting the timing of the shift to suit the current driving situation. The intelligent electronic system takes into account the driving style, whether it's winter or summer, whether a trailer is being towed or whether the road is at sea level or in the mountains. It also notes the speed and position of the accelerator. If the driver presses the pedal past a perceptible resistance a kick-down switch automatically changes to the gear that allows the most optimal acceleration. The precise adjustment of the gear change processes enables a unique combination of sporty and dynamic driving and low consumption.

The optional BMW 8-speed automatic transmission sets standards in dynamics and efficiency and is a central component in the BMW EfficientDynamics measures. The particularly smooth gradations of the gears allow optimal power development – from low to high speeds. This markedly reduces fuel consumption while further increasing sportiness and dynamics. The extra gears reduce the number of revolutions at high speed and thus the consumption and engine noise.

The system is supported by the newly-developed and more efficient converter clutch – even if you use the electronic gearshift lever to change gear manually. Combined with precise shifts and low rev intervals between changes, the transmission ensures extremely comfortable gear changes and markedly reduced background noise. The BMW 8-speed automatic transmission is the first automatic transmission available with Auto Start Stop function. This doesn't just save fuel when driving, but also at every traffic light.

Sporty ambitions? Experience maximum dynamics, efficiency and driving comfort with the optional 8-speed Sport automatic transmission: its short shift times improve acceleration and aid sporty driving. The gentle gradation of the eight gears reduces the engine's rev interval between shifts, so the transmission process is barely noticeable. At the same time, the engine is always held at the rev level at which it can optimally utilise its strength – increasing dynamics and efficiency and reducing the noise level. The eighth gear reduces the number of revolutions at high speeds, tangibly increasing comfort while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
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  • BMW X1 E84 20D 177ZS X-DRIVE X-LINE
    X-LINE 12 999.- €
    INDIVIDUAL 18 333.- €