Adaptive Transmission Management (ATM)

The Adaptive transmission control, AGS, recognizes the personal driving style and selects the driving and switching behavior according to the optimum gear from.
Always recognizes Adaptive Transmission Management (ATM) your personal driving style, automatically selects the optimum gear and avoids unnecessary switching: Whether in city traffic or out of corners.
The AGS is connected to the accelerator pedal and the engine electronics. From the way, when and as the driver presses the accelerator pedal, it automatically learns the driving style - for example, whether it accelerates frequently used engine braking or kick-down out of curves. These findings are constantly reviewed so that the AGS always adapts to the driver.
In addition to its behavior and the external conditions to be calculated: In the winter, neither on the mountain AGS switches other than under "normal" conditions. Traffic situations such as stop and go or curve lines are detected. This results in fewer gear changes that occur for accurate, so you can savor the full dynamics of your BMW.
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