Aktīvā kruīza kontrole

Driving on busy highways and freeways is more relaxing with Active Cruise Control. It maintains the desired speed when possible, while also keeping a pre-defined distance to any vehicles in the lane ahead.

Radar sensors at the front of the vehicle permanently scan the road ahead. As your BMW approaches a slower vehicle, Active Cruise Control automatically reduces power output from the engine and gently applies the brakes, holding your BMW at a pre-defined distance to the vehicle ahead.
This distance is set as a number of seconds, not of metres, so that a safe reaction time is always available, relative to the current speed. When the lane ahead becomes clear, Active Cruise Control automatically increases your vehicle's speed to your preferred cruising speed. Up to four different cruising speeds can be pre-programmed. A touch on the accelerator or brake pedal deactivates the system.
On curves, Active Cruise Control uses data from the Dynamic Stability Control and navigation systems to calculate whether the cruise speed needs to be adjusted, and to determine whether vehicles in the radar's field are in the same or a neighbouring lane.
The high-performance radar sensor is heated in cold weather, ensuring year-round operation. Active Cruise Control is functional at speeds above 30 km/h and below 180 km/h. Depending on the model, this function is controlled by a paddle on the steering wheel or a button on the multifunction steering wheel.

The system is not intended to serve as an autopilot: outside these speeds, and if sudden deceleration is required, the driver is alerted by a warning sound and visual message. First the cautionary signal is given, then an acute alert in the form of a red car symbol in the instrument panel or the control display. At the same time, the distance between the brake pads and the discs is reduced in case the driver needs to brake urgently.
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