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The new dimension in steering comfort: Active Steering offers precision, agility and comfort in every driving situation.

At the heart of the new Active Steering system is the planetary gear set integrated into the steering column. An electric motor in the joint adjusts the front wheels' steering angle in proportion to the Sedan's current speed.
When driving at lower speeds - such as in city traffic, when parking or on winding mountain roads, Active Steering increases the size of the steering angle. The front wheels respond immediately to small movements of the steering wheel, enabling the driver to manoeuvre through tight spaces without needing to make multiple turns of the steering wheel. Parking is easier and agility enhanced.
At medium speeds, steering is also easier. And to ensure smoothness at higher speeds, as of around 120 to 140 km/h (depending on the model) Active Steering becomes more indirect.
Active Steering therefore reduces the amount of change in the steering angle for every movement of the steering wheel. This gives the driver the advantage of more precise steering at higher speeds, and ensures great stability and more comfort.
If the vehicle is threatened with instability, such as by oversteering or braking on a changeable surface, DSC identifies the problem and can use Active Steering to help overcome it. For example, in order to reduce unsafe yaw, Active Steering can increase the angle of steering wheels faster than even the most expert driver.
Active Steering does not interrupt the direct connection between steering wheel and front wheels, so that even in the unlikely event of a complete failure of the electronic systems, the BMW remains completely controllable at all times. This is because at the first sign of any problems, an adaptation mechanism blocks the Active Steering immediately using a pivot so that the driver is permanenty in control of the situation.
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