BMW M4 Clubsport

BMW Spain recently announced a special-edition M4 Competition Sport. It's billed as a more comfortable version of the M4 GTS (including rear seats) and, with only 60 copies available, will be more rare than that hardcore M4. But hold on a second because the CS is not exactly the unicorn it appears to be. And the closest thing to a CS in the United States might be better. Here's why.

The M4 Competition Sport comes with more power, 20-inch wheels, and adaptive M chassis. The twin-turbo six has been turned up to 444 horsepower, which is shy of the crazy 493-hp water-injection version from the GTS. In fact, it's the same power you get with the $5,500 Competition Package that BMW USA announced back in January. And our Competition Package also comes with the wheels and M chassis setup.
We concede one area where the M4 CS does earn our envy. The giant carbon wing on the back and various other carbon-fiber elements do look pretty great, although tacking them on likely does not reduce the vehicle's weight. They're also all available from the vast M Performance catalog, so you could buy an M4 and tack on whichever ones you like best.

Lucky Spanish customers also get carbon-ceramic brakes, but we can order those as a standalone option for $8,150. And the M4 CS only comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Here in the States you can order all those goodies with a manual. Each of the 60 M4 Competition Sport coupes will sell for 132,900 euros in Spain, which works out to about a 45 percent markup compared to a standard-issue M4 coupe.

So no, we don't get the numbered plaque on the center console or the neat seats. But we do get all the rest of it, with a manual, and at a much lower price than the Spanish M4 CS. And you can get the same stuff in the four-door M3

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