2016 BMW 7 Series – New Rendering

On Christmas day, we bring you a new rendering of the upcoming 2016 BMW 7 Series. The rendered image is based on the latest 7 Series spy photos and give us a fairly accurate look at the front-end of the new high-end luxury sedan.

With the new 7 Series, BMW aims to introduce a high-tech limousine that it’s equally luxurious and fun to drive. The first step in achieving a great driving experience starts with the weight reduction. The new 2016 BMW 730d is up to 170 kg lighter than the previous model. The data sheet shows a curb weight of 1745 kg, including driver and luggage.

BMW has aimed to take the new 7 Series’ weight below the weight of the current F10 5 Series, and judging by our sources, they have managed to do so.

2015 bmw 7 series1 750x495 2016 BMW 7 Series New Rendering

In addition to the carbon fiber reinforced plastic, magnesium, aluminum and high-strength steels are used to construct the high-end limousine. Therefore, the 2016 BMW 7 Series will be noticeably more dynamic, but when needed, the chassis can also be dialed down for comfort. The new 7er is expected to offer at least a sublime driving experience like the Mercedes S-class.

The G11/G12 7 Series will also offer a wide range of customizations. Customers will be able to choose between the Pure Design Excellence Package and the BMW M Sport, both variants are significantly different from each other and cater to a specific customer.

While the 7 Series is not expected to bring a revolutionary design, the technology in and outside the cabin is said to be exponentially more impressive than anything we have seen in a BMW so far. From the innovative keyfob to the redesigned iDrive and plethora of driving assistance features, the new 7 Series flagship will cater to an ever changing demographic that not only value the luxury and craftsmanship in the 7 Series but also the technology of the 21st century.

Some of the cool stuff that gets us excited are the wireless charging of smartphones inside the car, the gestures-based navigation, the synergy between the information displayed to the passenger and the driver, the self-parking via keyfob, laser lights and B&W Audio System.

BMW is not only giving the 7er the coolest gadgets and electronics, but also a revamped engine lineup. According to sources, the flagship sedan will be offered with four gasoline engines, one diesel and two hybrids. Most of those powerplants belong to the “B” series, the improved engine lineup that delivers more power and lower fuel consumption. A new 9-speed gearbox is also planned for the G11/G12 models.

As we mentioned in the beginning, the design remains true to BMW’s strategy: an evolutionary approach with new design elements to keep the car fresh and relevant over its seven years lifespan. The folks at AMS took another stab at drawing up what the new 7 Series might look like and sources say, the rendering is not far from the real deal.

The 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show will host the debut of the new 7 Series.

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