Advanced Safety Electronics, ASE

The Advanced Safety Electronics system (ASE) provides effective impact protection for driver and passengers, tailored to the specific situation.

In an accident, sensors measure the severity of the forces involved. The Advanced Safety Electronics system uses a failsafe optic fibre network to co-ordinate the safety system's response. Within milliseconds, it identifies which safety features need to be activated.
Airbags, seatbelt tensioners and belt force limiters are deployed as required for the occupied seats. Each of the airbags are inflated to the optimum level, depending on the severity and the direction of the impact. If necessary, the system deactivates the fuel pump and disengages the car battery.
ASE recognises which safety measures are needed and which are superfluous. It thus helps keep maintenance costs to a minimum following a minor accident by reducing unnecessary replacements of airbags etc.
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