Electric Power Steering

The Electric Power Steering of BMW a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
The Electric Power Steering is a technology of BMW EfficientDynamics. It allows precise and comfortable control of the vehicle in any situation and helps to reduce fuel consumption significantly.
Unlike a conventional power steering comes with the electric power steering from BMW no hydraulic system, but an intelligent solution base on an electric motor for use. The advantage is that the motor operates only when steering assistance is actually used - namely during the actual steering movement. When driving straight ahead, which accounts for 90 percent statistically a ride, it remains inactive and therefore consumes no energy. The result: The Electric power steering reduces average fuel consumption of the vehicle by about 0.3 liters / 100 km and thus makes an important contribution to greater efficiency. At the same maintenance and environmental impact due to the loss of hydraulic oil are significantly reduced.
The Electric power steering provides optimum steering feel, it shows a lower sensitivity to impact, the active roll damping compensates pendulum movements reliably. The optional Sport button, the driver can at any time adjust the firmer steering characteristics.
Depending on the model, the steering system can be combined with Servotronic. She adapts the steering force permanently to the driven speed. For this purpose, the necessary support for the measured speed is calculated and controlled the motor of the electric steering assistance accordingly: So is the steering at low speeds, for example when driving through narrow, winding streets lined with only minimal effort required. With increasing speed, the steering assistance is continuously reduced, however, to ensure a more direct contact with the road and thus optimum directional stability.
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